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Driving in any forward gear, the clutch is depressed, shifted into neutral, clutch is released, engine is revmatched apropriatly in neutral for the desired speed, than the clutch is depressed again and shifted into the desired gear to syncronise the speed of the tires with the speed of the transmission.
common with semi-trucks with a manual transmission lacking syncronisers.
my syncros were so shot that i had to double clutch just to shift into 3rd gear.

the trucker double clutched while upshifting as he accelerating onto the freeway.
by Brendan p D November 15, 2006
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While slowing down with a M/T, you engage the clutch, rev slightly and downshift into w/e gear that is appropriate for the speed the car is at.

If you dont double clutch, you will feel a jolt or ur tires will chirp (bad).
I was in 4th doing 90, then at the turn i double clutched to 2nd and was outta there!
by BlackS3ven AkA Greco August 10, 2006
While sitting on the toilet and having so much shit come out that you have to flush once for the poo and a second time for the toilet paper.
After eating Mongolian stir fry last night I had to double clutch this morning.
by Tan Can February 07, 2011
Masturbating with one hand while intentionally cutting off oxygen to the brain with the other hand for the purpose of sexual gratification. See also Auto Erotic Asphyxiation.
"He died double clutching in a Bangkok hotel closet."
by kozl June 05, 2009
basketball term , while airborn fake to the left then fake to the right then finally shoot a lay up with the left(or vice versa)
i use to love watchin jordan double clutch playin the knicks
by rippstudwell September 23, 2006
to masturbate at a very fast pace
I only had 10 minutes before the old lady got home, so I popped in a porno to help me double clutch.
by Johnny Tats May 16, 2008
(v) Slang term in porno when the male performer pulls out and ejaculates and then immediately reinserts and continues intercourse.
Peter North double clutched the hell out of Rachel Ryan in the vid Games Couples Play.
by Fartmanly May 21, 2005

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