Refers to the "bindi" on Indian females foreheads.
I wish my IT job hadn't been outsourced to a dothead.
by urbaldude April 27, 2005
Top Definition
Hindu people
While leaving your local convenience store, you might hear the phrase "thank you come again". That is being said by one of those "dot heads ".
by omega greek March 18, 2009
a negitive term to hidui.
a negnitive term to hindi man or women.
"a dot head of india ."
a dot head hindi men .
by micheal mullin December 15, 2003
My dad told me once why Indian women have the dots on their foreheads... it's really simple. It's a "scratch off" game that her husband gets to play when they get married. They can either win a gas station or a motel.
"Hey check out that dot head ass bizznichelscnatch snip snap sally! I wonder what that's all about."
by ProphetScholar August 09, 2006
AOL employees that work overseas, and barely speak the language. Therefore making customer support a complete nightmare.
Similar to cheap Chinese labor.
"Dis is Punjab! How may I help you today buddy?".
by NoJesus4Me November 29, 2004
a term for a Hindu person with a Bindi (jewel on the forehead). Often associated with India.
Person 1: "So I called tech support and got an Indian.."
Person 2: "Wait, were they a dothead or featherhead?"
Person 1:"A dothead."
by SeriouslyYourMomIsSoHot September 07, 2011
A dot is wore by most pakis. It is a red dot located on the forehead.

Use: A self destruct button for pakis
jim: wtf is that smell
ali: dno must be that new boy sinan
jim: god cant take it anymore gona throw up hate fucking dotheads
ali: if u think its that bad just push his dot.
jim: kk

by hisham March 28, 2007

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