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An extreme pwn.
Two people have to declare it, one says “dot dot dot,” and then the next says, “pwned
~Monarch Volleyball comes back from a 14-21 deficit to win it all~
Mike: Dot dot dot

Mike: Jack, I heard Jeremy was taking your sister to prom?
Jack: WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!
Mike: Dot dot dot
Russell: PWNED!!

~n00b shots MK2K in back~
n00b: hahhaha I k113d U !!!111!one!!won!!11!
~while n00b is typeing, MK2K proceeds to sneak up behind n00b and slit his thought~
n00b: 7YP3 KI113R TYP3R KILLER, 7HI5 IS G4Y!!!!one!!11!
~n00b leaves game~
MK2K: Dot dot dot
Jester35: pwned
by Mizike May 22, 2005
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