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The oracle one who is hippieish and know the meaning of life, an incredible bassist
dude that dorsey is awesome
by O'Dell May 21, 2006
Dorsey is a name generally given to men but is sometimes given to girls. It is not a very popular first name, but for some reason it is a common last name for both genders.

The meaning for the female variation is "dark"

Men named Dorsey are often portrayed as villains.

While woman are often surprisingly sexual as well as attractive and slightly insane.

In both genders, they tend to have higher intelligence than their peers.
Men: "Dude, that guy, Dorsey, he's always doing something no good."

Woman: "That Dorsey girl is way hot." "Yeah, but she's crazy."
by Kaelvohn February 19, 2010
Verb, meaning: to manually stimulate one's penis immediatly followed by oral stimulation of the same phallus.
Dude! She totally just gave me a Dorsey!
by Morticia3091 April 02, 2011
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