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Dorkwad- an extremely dorky person
Oh god, here comes John. What a dorkwad!
by Birdy April 15, 2003
like a gaywad, only dorky
The dudes in any Star Trek movie are total dorkwads.
by colt45shawty December 16, 2002
adjective: The act of being a big dork.
Tom Keck is a big dorkwad
by Frannie12345 May 26, 2009
a complete loser/idiot/moron that u hate
Melissa is such a dorkwad
by Bailey the hott blonde December 29, 2008
a wad of something between a whales dick and its body
casey is such a dork wad
by Tusuck July 24, 2005
dork (a whale penis) wad(another word for cum/ejaculation)
It's time to spank the whale and get a dorkwad.
by Angela August 18, 2004
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