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A person who acts silly or weird, usually in an annoying or obnoxious manner. Dorks often bother people around them, making them unpopular.
That guy keeps telling annoying jokes and picking his nose in class. He's such a dork.
by wordpusher September 08, 2004
13 22
Someone who acts extremely immature either because they seek attention, to have fun, or because they don't care what others think of them.
Dorks are so annoying.
by Dan June 25, 2004
16 25
About 1950, we considered a dork to be a person who sits in the bath tub blowing farts, and then tries to pop them.
Billy, you are a dork (now picture a skinny little nine year old sitting in the tub popping his ...)
by Little Richard June 04, 2003
26 35
Dork is a word used to derogatorily describe anyone and everyone whos name does not rhyme with "paid" and their last name must rhyme with "hate".
Gah, he/ she is such a dork!
by painter13 November 06, 2010
2 12
Another name for somebody named Philip.
Person: this is Philip, but everbody just calls him dork.
by miss rock your socks October 16, 2010
6 16

-a short white man that dresses up as a power ranger and fights with Japanese/Korean/Chinese/Taiwanese women.
Tammy- That Zach, he's such a dork.
Angie- Yeah but he looks so cute in that pink ranger outfit. Look at his tights!
Tammy- Too bad that Japanese lady's kickin his ass.
Angie- At least it's a cute ass.
by Ambiguosity77 June 26, 2010
10 20
Dork: a whales penis
Shannon sucked alot of dork today
by hungry hungry hippo20030 April 14, 2010
2 12