Hard-of-smelling or smell disabled; The state of possessing a honker of greatly reduced sensory capacity.
Everyone knows about the deaf, the mute, and the blind, but society has turned a pinched nose to the dorf.
by B Love August 06, 2007
A label applied to people who act quite similarly. They do things such as using the words "bro" and "fuck" profusely, and it is not uncommon for them to use each word 3 to 4 times in a sentence. Dorfs are considered to be very reckless and DGAF (don't give a fuck) about anything. They have no sense of manners or shame, as they burp, sneeze, fart, and cough as loud as possible. Dorfs commonly drive, or at least fantasize about over-sized pick-up trucks, to compensate for their relatively small genitals. Although Dorfs do not have a specific wardrobe or clothing style, they have distinctive grooming habits. Facial hair is either trimmed to sideburns or a goatee, or a strange corroboration of both. Personal hygiene is highly neglected amongst Dorfs, so extensive amounts of deodorants and body sprays are applied on a daily basis. Dorfs also have a distinctive "vomit" breath, which is a result of not brushing teeth, excessive drinking, and burping.
Micheal smells so bad, and he thinks he's really cool, but he's just an average Dorf.

I saw this Dorf the other day, and he almost hit me with his giant truck.
by Robert Radonski October 28, 2008
A Wild Albino Tapier capable of mass destruction.

Frequently hungry and likes to talk on the phone or AIM.
Better hide, Dorf is hungry.
by Avatar September 12, 2004
A person or thing with the quality of being dorfish
Why are you such a dorf?!
by Kassoon July 31, 2004
dorf (verb) to call the police on a person that has been drinking but is still legal to drive because you are "concerned" in an attempt to have them arrested and convicted of a DUI.

Named after David Waldorf of Minneapolis
Man, I got dorfed by someone after bowling, luckily I am a responsible drinker and blew a .054!
by poptix July 21, 2008
the art of ejaculating in your pants after receiving a handjob.
Nick dorfed in his pants, once again, after Mary gave him another handjob.
by zack October 10, 2004
Derogatory term for Midget.
"You stupid little Dorf"
by Drew April 28, 2004

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