Derogatory term referring to a person like a dork but more stupid

May well wear baggy trousers and walk with a stoop, looking at the floor, whilst small children throw shit at them
No! That's my leg! - you dorf!
Eat shit Dorf - you don't know shit!
You think The Darkness are kool - you're so a dorf!
#fool #knob #dickhead #fecker #cuunt
by M.Powers February 27, 2006
Top Definition
To wimp or chicken out. To prefer mundane over extraordinary. A wallflower. A geek.
Did you see what Larry wore today? What a dorf!
They aren't coming over now because Bob fuckin dorfed out again!
by MustangGT July 04, 2005
German for "village"
the waldorf astoria is called that because it's named after a German village called Waldorf.
by formfaktor March 29, 2005
Something an idiot would say.
A Dwarf is a short man, a midget if you will. Dorf is something an idiot would say.
by Not-an-idiot September 19, 2004
1.) A term used to describe a human who believes he is a fantastical dwarf.

2.) A silly nanny. An idiot. A fool.
Luffelman is such a dorf.
#dungeons and dragons #dwarf #roleplaying #geek #fool
by kwdblade May 28, 2007
A 4-5 inch, fairly girthy,very hairy, poorly maintained penis. Similar to a chode.
Did you see his dorf? Ugh I know, gross right?
#penis #small #dorf #chode #tiny #fat
by mbm5385 April 26, 2014
A word of extreme randomness. Often used in practical jokes in texting, e-mailing and on telephone answer machines. The purpose is to make your friend think they have received a real message, only to find they have received the word; "Dorf!"
John: Oooh, I have a text from James.

Text; "DORF!"

John: What the hell?
#random #silly #friendship #e-mail inbox #answer machine message
by Mike100000000 April 14, 2011
Noun. A perpetually agitated or disgruntled dwarf.
Dude, while I was playing Lord of the Rings Online, this stupid dorf sent me off on this stupid quest and grumbled when I came back with what he wanted.
#geek speak #lotro #dwarf #douche #disgruntled
by HanaKaicho October 10, 2011
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