the only word that rhymes with orange.

can mean giggling a lot.

can mean acting like James Bond, using a hair dryer as a gun.
She rolled across the room with dorangeness.
by DJroxy April 09, 2005
Top Definition
a fat vagina.
Cora has a dorange!!!!!
by lolhahahawtff May 26, 2009
Nothing rhymed with Orange, so:

Dorange: n: Not being able to find one's socks.
I had such a dorange this morning.
by Family Man February 18, 2008
The only word that rhymes with Orange. Sounds like it would be something that you use drugs with. got the dope?
Yeah man!
Sweet! Break out the Dorange!
by Neepish May 20, 2009
a word that hannahs get very excited about. Actual meaning is lost in a fit of sniggers and giggles.

possibly another word for cleft.
hannah finds the word 'borange' amusing
by marcus the wise March 07, 2004
The only word that rhymes with orange
it takes 4 doranges to correctly start a revolution.
by Anonymous April 29, 2003
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