The most pro person in the world who is smart, nice, pretty and fun!
Everyone loves Dora!
by Mufaucet December 20, 2010
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A young Latin girl who has overdosed on LSD because she is always seen talking to inanimate objects, such as, her backpack and a map. Also, the subject of bestiality and Dora often comes up because of her questionable relationship with a monkey named “boots”.
Person A:What is that kid doing with that monkey?

Person B:Come on, vamonos!
by Enkidu January 25, 2004
A beautiful exotic girl. Gorgeous eyes, long lush hair, and easy to talk to.

Most often confused with dora the explorer.

Dora is chill, understanding, and loves music.

She does not fall in love easily, so if you are lucky enough to have dora fall for you, do not let her go.
I miss Dora, she is the best thing that ever happend to me.
by pastaadindin January 19, 2011
a girl who is always willing to put others first.

dora isn't perfect, but shes the closest to it!

She doesn't have perfect teeth, or a perfect body, but rather the most down to earth personality anyone could have.

Dora will steal you're heart and it'll happen fast
"yeah I found a Dora in Cabo"
by awebbs19 January 06, 2011
A Mexican (or any hispanic) elementry age girl. The ones who wear the pigtails and usually run around mcdonalds playground and walmart. They love yelling and wearing tacky clothing such as skirts and heels or gowns.
-look at that girl wearing a formal gown at Mcdonalds playground!
-oh thats just a Dora

-Look at all the Doras running around
-i know its like Mexico up in here
by Hollistermodel12 May 21, 2013
A German railway cannon used during World War II. The Dora cannon had a bore of 800mm and fired high explosive shells that were disigned to penetrate several meters deep into any surface. This cannon was cabable of knocking out ammunition storage areas deep under ground. This cannon was so large that it had to run on two sets of tracks, and it could only be turned when there was a turn in the tracks (the gun did not have a turret or similar device). The Dora cannon no longer exists. When the Allies found it, it was in pieces.
The only good that came from Hitler's reich was a multitude of awesome weapons, one being the Dora cannon.
by BlastMaster May 16, 2003
A girl who wonders what flavored condoms taste like, then when her sexy friend brings one she licks and finds it really wasnt flavored so instead of wasting a perfectly good condom they have hardcare in the park while creepy indian and asain kids watch
This doesnt like orange!

o well lets just fuck like dora!
by Apu-7-11 May 28, 2008

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