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A variation on the word doppelganger, a doppelgangster is a mobster or thug (such as Al Capone or Snoop Dog) that bears a strong resemblance to oneself.
John: "Dude, John Gotti is your mom's doppelgangster."
Travis: "Not cool bro."
by hannahlinb February 03, 2010
Rocking the status of being a doppelgänger.
Your daughter is a total Doppelgängster.
by Itstapecia May 11, 2014
You're alternate self as a gangster.
Forrest found his doppelgangster at the Ridge Crest Inn. His name was the "Goat" and he had just got out of Chino Max.
by forrestree July 04, 2010
a fan of the second full length album by Seattle based post-hardcore band The Fall of Troy.
Random fan: Dude, this is the coolest shit I've ever heard in my life.
Random fan 2: God damn, you're such a doppelgangster.

by Nate Miller May 30, 2008
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