A worm that wraps itself in a cocoon then wraps that in leaves or twigs or anything it can find then crawl around and hang from trees and jump at you.. they are really loud and annoying and are found in the Arroyo Roble Resort in Sedona Arizona... Please go there and help my friends and I kill them...
Holy shit that damn Doppel Ganger just fucking jump at me so I smashed it with a rock... little fucker...
by Michael Baldwin August 05, 2003
An indiginous worm located in South Africa. They hang from trees and when approached they make strange wooping noises and jump at your face. Then they suck the sweet sweet juices from your eyes and make a nest in your intestines. They can grow from 5 inches to 5 feet long. The doppel-ganger is endangered so please do not hunt them for sport.
Guy1- Did you hear that?
Guy2- Hey whats that in the tree over there?
Guy1- Thats a doppel-ganger.
DoppelGanger- WOOP WOOP!
by Ben January 25, 2004
While having a threesome that includes two men, and your balls touch - DOPPELGANGER!
Man 1: oH man that chick was so hot, but our balls totally touched brah

Man 2: yea brah you totally doppelganged me

by Knightwang January 19, 2011
stop looking up things you read on questionable content.
Yeah. I'm scared of doppelgangers - quoth Hannelore in Number 1100.
by myrahh of death March 16, 2008
A study on the effects of homosexuality and social networking.
Look at Billy being another doppelganger, he changed his profile picture to Channing Tatum, I knew he was gay!
by Elliott Hayword February 04, 2010
The act of receiving a blowjob while doing a handstand.
Mistress Deane gave me a doppelganger!
by Uncle Hershal May 21, 2009
the second best album of "The Fall of Troy"
OMG! did u listen to the not-so-new album from "the fall of troy"???

Doppelganger?? yeah, its amazing!!
by favio16 April 27, 2008

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