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When you are horny, but it is nearly impossible to ejaculate due to opiate depressants.
I was late because those painkillers gave me dope dick, and it took me an hour and a half to jerk off.
by pill popper June 10, 2006
when a guy is having sex after snorting heroin,his penis is rock hard,but even after hours of sex he cant cum

The opposite of coke dick
He had dope dick with her last night
by youngdiple August 02, 2006
When you can lay it down so good that she gets addicted
Man I just gave that new bitch the dope dick and now she won't stop texting me!
by kingofyo1 November 19, 2014
Taking meth or heroine and having your penis rock hard for hours without being able to ejaculate.
"Girl I got that dope dick, now come here let me dope you."

-Lil Wayne
by Your moms dads mom June 13, 2010
2 people having sex so amazing they bothe feel high
Him:Last night was so perfect

Her:yeah you were givin me that dope dick
by Samuel Elijah June 30, 2016
When an individual consumes excess amounts of Marijuana to the point where his penis is unable to become erect.
Example 1) YO i got dope dick G

Example 2) Hoe 1: Yeah I tried to fuck C-Gramms the other night but he had dope dick

Hoe 2: Gutted bo, learn to suck sum mo dick
by C-Gramm September 10, 2012
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