term used in Sydney describing something of significant value. See cool,phat,awesome
Hey dude your car looks dooz with those spinners on it. Wickeed!!!
by Mugatu April 04, 2005
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where you let your friends know that you want to fuck a girl
"i so want to dooz that chick"
by bobby m8 September 10, 2014
(pl.n.) more than likely fowl odered waste material discharged from the bowels within; excrement. Term is usually used in the South of the United States of America. Maybe somewhere else too but really used in the south!
Grandma! My stomach hurts. I gotta dooz!
by Horek April 06, 2007
a females breasts slang term
" oh look at her dooz "
by John fae greenock November 16, 2006

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