to play Call of Duty (COD)
Dude, Lets play dooty tonight!
by Weezy626 January 14, 2010
Top Definition
A medium sized piece of feces, or shit, expelled in an open and public place.
"I can't believe Tom just dropped a dooty in the ashtray in front of the bank!"
by C-Styles August 30, 2006
A small roll of finely cut tobacco for smoking, enclosed in a wrapper of thin paper. An alternate term for cigarette, square, and loosey.
I know you've got another dooty in your pocket.
by Jortman Greg October 23, 2008
Reference to the anus of a female. In context of anticipation of bum sex.
Chris: Hey who's the girl?

Nev: dunno...DOOTY!!

Chris: DOOTY!!!!!
by ~LOBSHA~ July 10, 2008
a person who eats booty hole.
by slipknotkiller October 26, 2003
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