1. To potter, to waste time carrying out inane tasks.
2. A person who potters about, wasting time.
1. Stop dootering aboot cos we've got tae get oot o' here!

2. You are such a dooter!!

3. Ah jist dootered aboot the hoose cos it wis pishing doon a' weekend.
by WeegieBurd June 18, 2008
Top Definition
Dude hooters. Otherwise known as man titties or bitch tits.
"Hey guys, check these out!"
"No, man! Put your dooters away! You're making us throw up!"
by Steve Kane September 22, 2004
Undergarments of a female.
Andrew, how does my butt look in these dooters?
by Yasiel Danger August 30, 2013
slang for cocaine
Guy 1: Did you see Mac last night?

Guy 2: Ya dude he was out of control. Probably doing too much of that dooter
by DootMaster May 15, 2011
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