The act of one whom is defined as a Dooshbag
Damn that Kid and his DOOSHBAGERY!!!
by Visor July 16, 2004
Top Definition
Always a male. An ex-boyfriend you wish you could get rid of by squashing, like the little cock roach he is. An arrogant prick that claims to break up with you but continues to stalk your facebook page. He makes idiotic comments on your facebook happiness status updates, hoping to kill your buzz, but the fact that he is still watching you only makes you realize how pathetic and small he really is. His sarcasm is much to be desired and completely shows his lack of intelligence.
Lilly: "Did you hear that Kris and Tyler broke up"

JJ: "No not really, I dont go on facebook that often"

Lilly: "Oh well, Tyler broke up with Kris, but continues to comment on her facebook page with stupid comments"

JJ: "That right there would be a prime example of dooshbagery"
by Lilly Amore Marsh December 12, 2009
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