A fan of the doors (door) and someone who is into british rock music (knob).
person 1: I love the doors!
person 2: I know, you're a doorknob.
person 1: awesome
person 3: i wish i was a doorknob...
by smithsfan November 15, 2010
A male person who is used to open other doorways for poeple, and then they get left behind. Like a huge tool
OMG, man that jake is a doorknob, sophie uses him and slams him shutlike a door every time!

That kid is a complete doorknob!!

by aladinsbakery April 28, 2009
When a man sticks his penis through a hotel door hanging "Do Not Disturb" sign and answers the door to whom ever knocks.
Bro I went to the wrong room and the and some 60 year old man door knobbed me!
by oSYNo May 28, 2012
When someone unwillingly grabs an individuals testicles in a "Knob" turning fashion. Similar to a door.
Ronald, "Bitch make me a sandwich," and Susan said "Fuck you bitch Imma doorknob your ass!"
by KITTEN MITTENSXXXChewbacca February 25, 2011
A random guy that a woman will have sex with just to relieve the need. Also can be a "Friend with Benefits" situation.
She said she was so horny, she'd fuck a doorknob. I told her she could give me a turn!
by Vinny Bellarosa February 18, 2009
something you call when you fart...then you call safety if you not near a doorknob or don't feel like getting up...and if you don't grab and touch a doorknob then someone gets to punch you:)

by eggss and bacon April 05, 2008
A term used to describe the act of grabbing a female's breast with ones hand, twisting it, and pulling on it before releasing. This is best done while yelling "doorknob" in their face.

The term doorknob was coined by a Canadian who likened this act to that of opening a door.
"Chris' girlfriend was being a bitch so he doorknob'd her at the party in front of everyone, he's now single."

"If a girl kicks you in the junk you should retaliate with a doorknob."
by Angelius October 29, 2009

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