1. Term to describe your basic slut; with a doorknob, everyone typically gets a turn.
"What a doorknob- she went through the entire football team like a full nfl season in one weekend!!"
by freshie_from_cali December 30, 2014
a little thing to open the door with
twist the door knob to open the door.
by joannaj January 29, 2008
In a talk therapy session, when a client brings up a serious or lengthy new topic just as they reach for the doorknob to leave. The purpose of this might be to evade delving deeper into the matter, or to prolong the session, or simply to be a drama queen/king.
Therapist - "Alright then Judy, it looks our time is up, see you next week. Same time."

Judy - "Okay Dr. Lucy. By the way, I forgot to mention that last night I shaved my cat and tossed it in the oven. See you in a week!"

Therapist - "Judy, are you trying to doorknob me again?"
by Cataholic April 18, 2013
Someone who is weird or someone who does something stupid is refered to as a doorknob.
by pushnook August 22, 2011
Highly revered and worshiped higher power of many Alcoholics Anonymous members.
Your higher power can be anything you want including a doorknob. Surrender to it, pray to it, and seek out its will for you.
by hulahoophulahoop March 14, 2011
A spectacularly impressive dancer, one who is able to dance (read: do the Twist) with ease and aplomb.
"He's such a doorknob! Did you say the way he was moving on that dance floor?"
by The Sass Attack May 20, 2010
a nickname for a male who accidentally grabs another male's genitals when he slips and falls
Jack- "Hey look it's doorknob!"

Bob- "Why did you call Tommy doorknob?"

Jack- "Dude, you didn't hear?"

Bob- "No, what?!"

Jack- "When Tommy fell in the showers yesterday he accidentally grabbed Tim's junk!"

Bob- (laughs) "Fucking doorknob..."
by thedude222 October 14, 2009

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