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Someone who is a doorknob is someone where everybody gets a turn. Do you see?
"That Natalie Peake is a right doorknob!"
by Halo August 30, 2003
The common example used in Alcoholic Anonymous meetings to describe what you can pick to be your Higher Power.
Alcoholics Anonymous is spiritual, not religious. You can pick anything you want to be your higher power, even a door knob.
by JR Harris March 13, 2011
A mechanical device that secures hinged doors, thereby keeping your family safe from danger.
I sure am glad that my door has a doorknob so bad guys can't get in my house.
by Talek Malatabqcar (LP) December 17, 2005
a stupid idiot. a way of making fun of som1 without using such harsh words like slut, bitch, whore, ass-hole, ass-wipe ect.
it sounds stupid, but once you start saying it, its actually quite addictive and fun!
someone,"you suck!"
you,"shut up, doorknob!"
by pop-n-fresh March 30, 2006
A farting game. When someone farts who is playing the game, he/she must say "safety" before another participant says "doorknobs." If "doorknobs" is spoke before "safety," the farter can be punched in the shoulder unless said farter touches a doorknob. When played by veterans, the pre-fart safety, "pre-safety," can be employed for no more than two minutes to allow for those times of uncertain gastric distress.
Me: <fart>
Other: "Doorknobs!"
Me: Moves toward closest doorknob too slowly.
Other: <smacks me in the shoulder hard>
Both: Laugh.
by Project Specifications August 05, 2012
Deadpool's name for his guns.

A recurring gag of Deadpool's is when he calls his guns "doorknobs", only to confuse both allies and enemies.
"Doorknobs don't kill people; I kill people." ~ Deadpool
by Merc of a Mouth January 07, 2013
annoying, stupid, jackass, more then annoying, people wants to throw him to the sharks, dumb, a pile of dirt is smarter, and braceface
"I hate your brother! he's such a doorknob!!!"
by The Music Beat October 29, 2011