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- a tempting giveaway bestowed upon a lucky winner.

- to a bike courier, a door prize is when motorist opens a car door into the path of your oncoming bicycle a collision in which the door is virtually always the victor.
the door prize sent me rolling across three lanes of busy traffic.
by berzerkah August 01, 2005
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Slamming into an open car door.
I was just riding down the street, then some bastard gave me a door prize.
by Spicywelder April 01, 2006
A code phrase used among women for various feminine hygiene products.
I had to go buy some door prizes because I am expecting my period to begin soon.


By any chance do you have a door prize that I can use?
by TruCafe May 11, 2009
-a common pre-paid sexual service, usually offered at Stag parties.
Last week at Dave's Stag, John and Tim got the door prizes with those two skank strippers.
by MadHatter71 July 27, 2006

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