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boring twats who say "bye" then hang around the doorway for 3 weeks boring you to fucking death,just go home.
look, another door bore,kick the bastard out.
by tragbo August 31, 2006
A lame co-worker, who stops by your office every morning to talk incessantly about his pathetic life. Most conversations tend to have no point, and the "door bore" usually will drone on and on about himself and his activities before bothering to ask how you are. Typically, the door bore will lean in the doorway of your office, with coffee cup in hand. The door bore can also work cubicals. Out of the office, these individuals are known as time whores.

Not to be confused with office slackie, who tends to continue this activity throughout the day.
John is such a door bore, this morning he came in and told me about a dream he had. Like I care!
by Line Drive May 02, 2007
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