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1. a ghostly counterpart of a person;
2. a ghostly double of a living person
3. a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart
Sarah - Have you ever seen your doopelganger?

Catherine - What are you talking about? You're scaring me.

Sarah - You know I've seen mine...

Catherine - Really?

Sarah - Yeah, unfortunately I had two locally.
No.1. was a women who lived in my large block of flats and committed suicide by laying drunk in the middle of a darkly lit road during the night, and when I entered the foyer of our block a few days later, I nearly gave the older residents, who were standing nattering about it, mass heart attacks!!

No.2. was a woman fairly local who used to sit on a wall soliciting passers by for sex (mentally disturbed) and I got the "bad reputation". I was even asked by an innocent young boy of about 4-5 yrs if I was "the nutty women who was always pestering men" !!!! (obviously had picked it up from a parent or some adult).

( It was in the East End of London)
by Ayan Sarkar December 10, 2008
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