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AKA Sand Nigger.
That dooncoon spilled gas all over my car!
by Rufus Wingnut August 21, 2003
another definition of a sand nigger, or an aribic person. someone who is of arabic desent that most americans absolutely hate
HOLY SHIT!! that damn doon coon has a fucking bomb!!
by acdcrules December 31, 2005
an arab person doon meaning a sand doon and coon meaning someone dark in color like a raCOON
why the hell did that dooncoon come to the us for
by steviebabe2434 February 15, 2003
A racist term for middle-eastern people who tend to show more of a hip-hop background than their religious background.
Hey man, the cab i just took had a total Doon Coon in it. I got out as soon a A Millie came on.
by Ma Dude February 24, 2009