Food backwards.
Damn, let's go get some doof.
by Tong February 18, 2003
Marijuana, or a marijuana joint.
Someone make a doof.
Do you have any doof?
by Vitamin_X March 12, 2003
The act of pooping in inappropriate public places.
Pooping off of the roof of a liquor store.
by Jonathan April 09, 2004
1. verb I or T
a) A huge shit, to take a doof.
b) Doofing, the act of taking a huge
2. noun C
To call someone a huge shit.
3. noun C
Autrailian slang for a large outdoor
1. a) Man, I gotta take a huge fucking
b) Can't talk, I'm doofing!
2. You fuckin' doof!
3. Hey, wanna grab some yellow coveralls,
a few glowsticks, some eckies and
and head out to a doof?
by Pony Canyon May 20, 2004
Feces. As in food goes into your body, and the reverse, doof, comes out.
After all that Taco Bell I gotta doof something fierce.
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
An idiot who hits himself in the face
by Christy February 12, 2003
To talk a lot of shit and not back it up. In fact, not only do you not back it up, but you mess it up beyond all repair.
Dude! This is important, don't doof it up!
by Mantooth Furburger January 24, 2003

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