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Food backwards.
Damn, let's go get some doof.
by Tong February 18, 2003
7 25
in german that word means stupid
german: er ist doof
english translation: he is stupid
by german357 March 30, 2010
15 8
Food after 11 o'clock at night, typically when one is fucked up and just wants to chill and talk about the night with his bros
After leaving the party at 12:30 Jake and his bros were hungry and felt like hitting up Mcdonalds for some doof
by Paul pasto polito January 03, 2014
4 0
When you fart out your dickhole

"The male queef"

He who doofs is a doofus
Jerry: Sorry guys

Steve: What?

Jerry: i doofed in the punch :(

Steve: awh, jerry you shitdick!

Kyle: dude what the fuck!?

Danielle: I just drank some, it's not that bad.

Steve: It smells now... i can taste it in the air..

Jerry: and the steak....

All: WTF!?!

Danielle: what didnt you doof on?

Steve: Im eating fucking doofsteak!
by the doofus master April 04, 2010
6 3
To fart or pass gas
Dude did you just doof? It reeks!
by Mr muscles March 02, 2014
2 0
doof is when attempting to describe an unusual vagina, you describe the vagina with a word and finish the sentence with doef
A nun has such a dusty doof. A really sweaty tennis player has a muscular doof. A secretary has a prissy doof.
by LMTD Dog October 26, 2010
8 6
v: the act of dipping tobacco
n: the tobacco that is to be dipped
Bob: Hey Weeeuuum, what are you going to do during lunch?

Weeeuuum: I'm going to Zaxby's and then I'ma catch a doof
by doofmaster January 28, 2009
7 5
Minneapolis-area slang for a cigarette.
"Yo man let's go smoke a doof"


"Hey man you can I bum a doof off you?"
by jazzersizer69er_89 April 13, 2013
1 1