Term of endearment used for the female gender much as booba is used as a term of endearment for the male gendre.

Occasionally shortened to dooda.
Doodle! I LOVE YOU!
by Innocence April 07, 2006
"the doodle"
a sports bar in santa monica ca.
on the third st. promonade
let's watch the Raiders game at the doodle on sunday....
why?...Antenna Ball aint even playin'
by big pimp November 20, 2003
utter idiot; retard; thread derailer; someone who has no common sense what so ever
"dear god, doodles an idiot"
by licedearth May 12, 2003
Kaitlin's boyfriend, or just a name to call people and see what they see.
Hey what's up doodle?
by Kaitlin December 17, 2003
A word to call someone a piece of shit.
<Person 1> Hi Mr. Doodle
<Person 2> Fuck you.
by Graimen July 29, 2005
1. A guy named Zac
2. A gay guy
3. A huge fan of baseball
Doodles really likes baseball
by Polaco March 17, 2005
FroZenWaffleS defines this word as extremely penis such as the one on a poodle who likes koodle with some yoodle made from some foodle,toodle boodle
doodle rhymes with poodle and poodle rhymes with koodle and koodle rhymes with foodle and foodle rhymes with toodle.
by FroZenWaffleS March 03, 2004
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