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Referring to feces to get a laugh. Popularized by the comedy troupe Stella.
I enjoyed the doodiebombs in every Austin Powers movie.
by Robopoet February 19, 2006
Not a real word, but it should be.
Guy 1: "Doodiebomb isn't even a real word."
Guy 2: "It should be."
by cowclit July 15, 2009
The disgusting yet wickedly funny act of wipeing your ass in a public toilet and then "Doodiebombing" the individuals using the urinals directly in front of your stall with a poo smeared wad of TP.
I was just taking a piss when I felt something hit my back. I turned around and realized I had just been struck with a doodiebomb.
by Zach is cool February 21, 2006