Dood is the Dutch word for Death..
kut, mijn hond is dood ( fuck, my dog died)
by Machil April 12, 2004
good friend, mate
thnx dood 4 helpin´me outta there
by skib April 10, 2003
Yet another way of saying poop/shit/crap/excrement.
*Person A comes out of the bathroom, where Person B is waiting*
Person A: Dood!!! I just made the biggest dood ever!!!
Person B:.....that's..nice...
by DoodyMan March 10, 2007
An exagggggerrrrration of dude often used in conjucntion with other exaggerated words. Quite likely, this pronounciation is assocciated with stoners.
dood, we go keel dat beeyatch
by Gumba Gumba March 20, 2004
cool, hip, male friend, remix of the word dude
hey dood, get over here
by Will Jin June 17, 2003
1. the dude of the new millenium, without the ingrown butt hair connotations.

2. the only proper way to address a comrade, male or female

3. best when used in conjuction with boob, poop, and/or qooq
"Dood, check out the boob on that poop!"
by aps August 19, 2004
the art of waking up your man, or some guy with a morning blowjob.
Kristen, you gotta give Tom a dood, his expression when he wakes up will be priceless.
by Jerome rotondi January 30, 2009
a brother in life
What's up dood
by Guz July 19, 2003

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