Dood is the Dutch word for Death..
kut, mijn hond is dood ( fuck, my dog died)
by Machil April 12, 2004
The Canadian version of dude, developed by Canadian youtubers.
Jason: Dood, I'm Canadian!
Lilly: I ain't a dood, I'm a girl!
by Katie's Bottom Bitch's Pal March 15, 2015
A male who either tries to be fashionable (barely pulling it off) or is Dressed to the Eights, uses lots of Wal-Mart male-marketed metrosexual beauty products, and believes they are among the elite in any given social group, yet always appear as if they need to drop a dos or have bowel problems.
"Kitten, look at that Dood over there!"
"The One with the Rollins Vein? He looks angry."
"No, sweets. He just needs to drop a dos. Typical."
by GPurvis November 04, 2013
Another way to say Dude.

It means a guy.

Dudette is a girl.
Dood that party was sweet!
another way of giving the rebuttal "your face"
Guy 1: You're lame.
Guy 2: Dood is lame.
by Jody Brody January 22, 2011
meaning: dude or woah or wow
as in man, acquaintence, friend, holy crap, jeez, sheesh
person: "my cat just died"
friend: "DOOD! im so sorry!"

person: "hey whats up DOOD?"
friend: "not much DOOD. you?"

**falls on face**
person: "DOOD!"

person: "youre really stupid"
friend: "DOOD, youre in a bad mood today."
by codename_lily May 26, 2008
Replace dude with dood, stressing the O's
Timmy: DUDE! WTF!
Joel: Dood, shutup
by Joel Bossy January 10, 2007
1. n. A fowl-smelling substance.
2. v. To lay a large amount of waste matter without a toilet.
1. You smell like dood.
2. I got very mad at my professor so I dooded in his yard.
by nobigdeal69 January 30, 2011

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