Dood is the Dutch word for Death..
kut, mijn hond is dood ( fuck, my dog died)
by Machil April 12, 2004
This must be put at the end of every sentence a Prinny speaks.

However, this rule has become fairly optional, since Prinny Kurtis and Big Sis Prinny don't use "dood" in their dialogue at all. Some Prinnies have trained themselves to use it less often, though they are ridiculed. There are various other rules when using the word "dood", such as:

It is not a real noun; people are not "doods". For example, "Master Dood!" for "Master Etna!"

It cannot be used in puns. For example, "Just doing my dood-y, dood! Tee-hee!"
Eyaah! So this is the murder scene, dood?! Why the hell was that still here, dood?! Dood, what's going on, dood?! Dood!
by Gdcmember June 12, 2010
Noun: Plural for Dood
"Look at those doods over there!"
by Buddy Steinhouser October 20, 2005
alternate spelling for dude. See dude
1. "Dood, did you see that?"
2. "Man, that dood is messed up."
by eBrian December 14, 2002
A male who either tries to be fashionable (barely pulling it off) or is Dressed to the Eights, uses lots of Wal-Mart male-marketed metrosexual beauty products, and believes they are among the elite in any given social group, yet always appear as if they need to drop a dos or have bowel problems.
"Kitten, look at that Dood over there!"
"The One with the Rollins Vein? He looks angry."
"No, sweets. He just needs to drop a dos. Typical."
by GPurvis November 04, 2013
Guys that are good friends with each other, in a 100% no-homo way. Like a bro, but without the hidden homosexual tendencies.
Peter- Hey man how's Jessica treating you lately?
John- Not bad, thanks dood.
by SomTawyer June 17, 2011
A camels' foreskin.
This can be used as a statement or used towards someone.
Look at this dood, it's pretty big.

You're such a bloody dood.
by MrBrooks December 16, 2010
A popular spelling and pronunciation typically used by the Irish. When saying "Dood" you must properly articulate the long "ooo" sound.
Dood is also a popular nickname given to those who are far superior to the regular Dude.
Hey Dood, want to go to the Drug mart?
by dmle22 January 11, 2010

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