Dood is the Dutch word for Death..
kut, mijn hond is dood ( fuck, my dog died)
by Machil April 12, 2004
A term to refer to someone's cohorts, esp. close friends, NOT simply a second-person reference, unlike the word dude.
Dude, Derek's a pretty cool dood.
I'm in your base, killing your doods.
by D.B. August 24, 2003
alternate spelling for dude. See dude
1. "Dood, did you see that?"
2. "Man, that dood is messed up."
by eBrian December 14, 2002
A popular spelling and pronunciation typically used by the Irish. When saying "Dood" you must properly articulate the long "ooo" sound.
Dood is also a popular nickname given to those who are far superior to the regular Dude.
Hey Dood, want to go to the Drug mart?
by dmle22 January 11, 2010
Noun: Plural for Dood
"Look at those doods over there!"
by Buddy Steinhouser October 20, 2005
The Canadian version of dude, developed by Canadian youtubers.
Jason: Dood, I'm Canadian!
Lilly: I ain't a dood, I'm a girl!
by Katie's Bottom Bitch's Pal March 15, 2015
easier on the keyboard than dude
by BoratObama October 25, 2012
Guys that are good friends with each other, in a 100% no-homo way. Like a bro, but without the hidden homosexual tendencies.
Peter- Hey man how's Jessica treating you lately?
John- Not bad, thanks dood.
by SomTawyer June 17, 2011
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