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A paper towel or toilet paper roll stuffed either with scented drier sheets or fabric soaked in Febreeze. It is used to blow weed smoke through to get rid of the smell.
Man, me and my friends smoked at church the other day, but no one knew 'cause we used the doob tube.
by ecotton December 23, 2005
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a tube (usualy tp tube) stuffed with dryer sheets. Used for blowing smoke through to diffuse the scent.... of marijuanica...
"Dude, i deffinatly took way too fat a rip and missed the doob tube entirely..."
"dont forget to use the dube tube dude."
say that last one 5 times fast
by Br-i-c-k December 30, 2008
a glass tube used to smoke marijuana cigarettes
Baby, have you seen the doob tube?
by The Cracka July 24, 2003
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