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smoking weed first thing in the morning; to wake and bake
let's bust a donut shop tomorrow morning before work holmes
by junkiemail December 12, 2009
A record store. Coined by De La Soul off their second album "De La Soul Is Dead".
"I went to the donut shop and bought a bunch of 45's."
by Joe November 24, 2009
n. A situation with a lot of females
Dude, that party was great! A million females -- a total donut shop!
by stacker February 15, 2005
the police station, where the police plot their next nigger beating
them popo be taking me to the donut shop
by underarrest January 16, 2008
drug house or street wit illegal activity goin down
shit yo i just ran out of da donut shop i almost got my ass lit!
by the parsh January 31, 2003
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