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that fatass in ur house that steals all the donuts for political persecution, or for a delightful treat anytime!
That donut nazi ate the nookie cookie.....eeeewwwwwwwww
by go and fuck urself December 05, 2003
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an evil nazi-like person who supports the evil tyranny of donuts and their evil rip-off-ness. while donuts are freaking retarded, and are evil, the ones without a whole are an awesomely tasty treat.
in case you didn't know it, the donut industry has been
pwning and owning your butt.
I'll eat your children and burn your cat for this, you evil donut nazi! -sheepie26
by joe cancellare August 25, 2006
#1. "COP" pronounced "PIG" #2 Any corrupt "law enforcement" that abuse their power (aren't they all corrupt in degree or another?) #3 Ass hole cop.

Also: Any "law enforcement" personnel that believe the phrase "To protect and serve" is an unfinished sentence and should read "To protect and serve... our own interests"
That donut nazi pulled me over and exaggerate the speeding ticket by 10 mph.
by 4g63 November 12, 2007

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