An attractive boy whom you know you shouldn't want but have to have. Usually a player and has quite a big ego. Really funny and usually cracking dirty jokes. Very athletic.
There go Donovan! I shouldnt want him but I have to have him!😻
by Del_baddie May 23, 2014
a person who denies being a hipster even though they actually are.
Person 1- "You're such a hipster"
Hipster- "No I'm not!!!"
Person 1- "Stop being a Donovan"
by ADMIT YOU'RE A HIPSTER PEOPLE February 22, 2012
A nice, caring, attractive, smart person. Gets a lot of girls.
I wish I was a Donovan.
by Zkjsjahndhjwier April 29, 2016
A name for a pussy nerd shit who is not good at call of duty. He gets rekt in pub and barely wins 1v1's, usually he is a bitch about it. He cries about losing while jerking off in the shower to she-male porn.

by WhyBother__ July 06, 2016
an amazing, fun, hott, cool, hilarious, sexy person. Usually to be a male. Is pertective of its mates and friends. Always be cautious of a Donovan, if you find one keep hold of it forever. A Donovan usually has hyper moments so be aware of what you get of them. They love to sing and dance around. Enjoy everything you have with a donovan and always love them if you find one.
Dude! look at that person in there underwear dancing!! It must be a donovan!
by theshitt July 10, 2008
A person with unfortunate facial features and thinning hair. Most view as creepy and anti-social. Someone who epitomizes laziness to the point of living off his spouse. He has an IQ of a nat and should not bear offspring, his DNA is deeply flawed. Watch out or you will be Hinch 'd. Donovan is the type of person who likes to eat lots of smelly ass burgers thereby attracting fugly women of decent financial means. Cannot be trusted and will lie and cheat to get what he wants. No redeeming emotional connedtions to anyone but himself.
Yo Dawg, you so lazy and disgustin, yous a Donovan
by Asberger October 15, 2011
Verb. The act of convincing another person to purchase an item of clothing that looks hideous by blatantly lying about how it looks on them. Can also be applied to non-apparel settings (females, menu choices, cars).
Andrew was donovaned into buying a crook pair of crocodile skin shoes.
by Tolmans February 11, 2012
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