Ass king (not in a flattering way) - more apropos would be the inverse or "King of the Asses."
Diner 1: "Did I just hear what the dude at the table behind us just said?"

Diner 2: "Yep, he just requested the waiter to bring him a bottle of ketchup for his well-done, butterflied filet."

Diner 1: "His palate rates him Donkey Kong"
#wanker #ass #jerk #schmuck #idiot
by machBailz May 15, 2007
the hitting of a woman/man on the top of the head as to not leave any marks (action)ball up hand into fist and swing it in a downward motion(like the swinging of a hammer) he donkey konged that bitch
that bitch got loud with me so I donkey konged her,
#donk #donked #donkey #donkeyed #konged
by mr_inglish January 24, 2007
refering to the way you hit somebody, as to how sometimes, Donkey Kong the video game character strikes oncoming enemies.
"Stop hittin' me man!"
-Watcha gon' do about it?
"I'll box you up!"
-Boy, a few jabs won't do it you-
"Imma Donkey Kong yo ass right on top of yo head in a minute!"
#pounding #hit #zoklo #swift blow to the head #head shot
by Tugboats June 03, 2006
1. A character in the video game Donkey Kong, who throws barrels at Jumpman (who later evolved into Mario), in an attempt to stop him from getting at the princess who he had kidnapped from Jumpman.
2. A very popular video game, considered to be one of the best of the century, although Tetris is frequently ranked higher on lists. The gameplay involved jumping over barrels, and climbing up ladders, to rescue the princess, who did not happen to be in another castle. The game was made famous for good graphics and its amazing gameplay.
3. A compliment to a paticularly good video game. The opposite is "not Donkey Kong".
1. Donkey Kong was walking around, when he saw Jumpman. Agressively, Donkey Kong threw a barrel at Jumpman, who could not dodge it in time. Jumpman died.
2. "So, I was playing Donkey Kong, and I jumped over two barrels in a row, but the third one hit me. But at least I set a new highscore!"
3. "Wow, Final Fantasy I was totally Donkey Kong!"

"Yeah, but World of Warcraft was so not Donkey Kong!"

"Eh, I didn't get a chance to play it, I'm a retrogamer. It's pretty much safe to say all the new games are not Donkey Kong."

"Whoa, I'm a retrogamer too!"


And they all lived happily ever after.
#video game #donkey #king kong #kickass video games #awesome video games
by Vintic aka Elliot June 25, 2006
Australian term for deridable nonsense - used sardonically or in fun
What a load of donkey kong.
#nonsense #crap #codswallop #rubbish #first useage adam cooper
by Gina Dow August 10, 2006
a exotic dancer which resembles an ape like species. Aka a sleezy beezy.
Commonly seen in Geoffreys' house. (He likes ugly people)
"Geoffrey, stop doing donkey kong, Take out the trash and eat your paste!"

"The stripper pole says 'no donkey kongs allowed'"
#geoffrey #sleezy beezy #whore #baby #monkey rabies
by Thizzman June 13, 2006
A name for a very large, normally Italian, penis.
"Whoa, Bill has a Donkey Kong!"


"Have you seen that Bill has a DK!?"
#penis #slang #cock #hamy #dk
by WHS Drum Line May 03, 2010
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