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When a man is laying on his back with a woman is riding him cowgirl style, and she wraps her man-feet around his neck.
Dude, when Katie and I were fuckin, she blindsided me with the Donkey Kong! I nearly tapped out.
by 2tonemafia February 25, 2011
A person who claims to have some attribute in complete opposition to reality. as in Donkey Kong not being a donkey at all.
"Brian told me the other day he could program in C++, but it turns out he couldn't even open the editor. He's a real Donkey Kong."
by OMNIARCHON Psychomanc3r October 08, 2008
A variation to the well known Donkey Punch. Where as Donkey Punch refers to when you are having doggy style vaginal sex. Donkey Kong refers to when you are having anal sex and you are about to "go" and you hit your unknowing mate in the back of the head so that they punch up their butt cheeks to make "your" orgasm that much better and stronger.
Last week I was tappin' that ass from behind, I thought I might try to Donkey Kong that whore in the back of head right before I was gonna cum. OMG!!!! She punched up her ass cheeks on my Johnson and I came SOOOOOOO HARD!!! My advise to you, dont try and Donkey Kong her in front of the mirror, she will see it comming.
by rhbandit August 08, 2009
To do your girl from the missionary position to the point of climax, then start pounding HER chest with your fists while making monkey noises.
Marcus: My old lady just came back from the hospital with tape around her ribs.

Sam: No shit, what happened?

Marcus: I Donkey Konged her.
by Sam Horrey July 10, 2008
The insertion of a banana into the rectum during a sexual act.
"There was a fruit basket beside the bed, so I gave that bitche the Donkey Kong."
by Tons of Fun June 15, 2005
A word used to describe a person who is on Ketamine
"I am Donkey Kong, King of the Trankle!"
by DuttyManH August 23, 2007
1.n. A nintendo character/game. He is the leader of a gang of gorrilas.
2.v. To hit someone on top of the head
1. Dude! Did you get that new donkey kong for Gamecube?
2. OMG that girl wouldn't shutup, I had to donkey kong her ass so the police would have a hard time finding bruises.
by Airman August 09, 2005