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When your fucking doggie, then just as your about to come, you pull out and shove it in her ass.. as you do this is will make her throw her head back in shock.. then you punch her in the back of the head and come in her ass.
That girl Mike pulled last night wants to kill him.
Apparently he Donkey Fucked her...
by BigRob May 17, 2005
When one uses another's cigarette or cigar, to light their own while both are still in their own respective mouths.
Hey John, I don't have a lighter for my cigarette, let me donkeyfuck yours.
#lighter #zippo #fuse #cigarette #cigar
by jezzeballe August 11, 2008
1) Basically, when one is fucked by a donkey.
2) Also, when one fucks a donkey.
I need a good donkey fuck.
by Donkeyfucker January 28, 2003
When one (or more) fellows participate in an act of beastiality involving a donkeys huge mega-dick. When Donkey-Fucking, one does not give it to the donkey most times, they usually suck/get butt fucked until the beast deposits a healthy load of semen into their ass/mouth
"Did you hear about the Donkey Fuck in the Red Sox locker room? Yeah, you can definately notice Manny Ramirez waddling to first base while clutching his ass. Yeah."
by Chris Steinke August 12, 2005
to catch air while slammin some chick in the sack

derived from donkey kick
going vertical,donkey fuck
by sprung 8===========D December 09, 2003
While fucking a girl doggy style, lean over and wisper in her ear that her sister was a much better root, then hold on for your life.
Bob: Met Jainies big sister today
Charles: You gonna donkey fuck her?
Bob: Nah shes fuglylier than your mum
by Superintendant May 24, 2005
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