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In Hillbilly terms this also means baloney. Especially the baloney that comes in the long rolls.
Woman fix me a Donkey Dick Sandwich!
by miles long October 30, 2003
slang for processed meat salami, strassburg etc
When you go to the delicatessan and want to order some sort of processed meat you can say " May i have 12 slices of donkey dick please"

My 3 year-old twins also say "Mummy can i pls have a donkey dick and cheese roll"
by Christine Ozzy Jack Ella October 07, 2006
When you run up from behind someone, grab them by the shoulders and knee them really hard in the ass, hitting their tail bone.
"OWWWWW!!! huggies just donkey dicked me!"
by huggies March 05, 2006
In Middle Tennessee, this usually refers to an exceptionally large cigar, either in gauge or length or both. Usually, the use of this word is not, however, an indicator of the quality of the cigar.
I drag donkey dicks like no other.
by jason May 17, 2005
When you smoke really hard on a cigarette and the heater gets all long and the filter get's soft. The space between the heater becomes soft and wrinkly...like a donkey dick
"Hey Tracy, stop donkey dick'n that smoke and give me a drag!"
by Pamjessar April 03, 2005
smirnoff or mikes hard lemonade in the 24oz. bottles
damn girl what are you drinking, a donkey dick
by jason February 26, 2005
Really big piece of weed
Yo JJ, break up that 4 oz donkey dick so weez can smokes sum.
by JAY June 29, 2004