snowboarders term refering to a small (usually about a foot long) horizontal part at the end of a sloped handrail
"imma have a hard time hitting this rail cuz im a noob and it has a donkey dick
by DallasRaines September 24, 2008
An Electrovoice RE20 dynamic microphone.
"Let's put a donkey dick on that kick drum."
by strangersdieeveryday February 22, 2009
the oversized dick of a donkey
wow look at that extremely large donky dick hanging from the donky
by jurrt May 22, 2005
(noun) A 24 oz. can of beer. In the same line of slang as "deucer" (22. oz) and "tall boy" (16 oz.) terms for beer sizes.
"I'm headed to the corner store to pick up a donkey dick, want me to grab you a deucer?"

"Nah man, I quit drinking after I found out that 9/11 was an inside job and we're all slaves to rich Jewish bankers."
by Ulvblod ov Fenrir September 20, 2008
A metal piece used to hold the frame of scaffolding together, often used in construction.
Looks like we won't be able to put the siding on the 6th floor today, we're out of donkey dicks
by stubbs1952 July 05, 2006
A major disappointment, such as a bad ending to a movie or book.
"Man, that movie sucked Donkey Dick."

"The ending of the book sucked major Donkey Dick."
by E. D. December 28, 2005
Naval Term. - (1) The nozzle of an inline proportioner in a firefighting hose line for AFFF. (2) The inflated tube that holds up the center of the roof of a lifeboat. (3) The protruding sensor boom of the MAD gear aboard the P-2 Neptune and P-3 Orion. Note: this term is also used for literally dozens of other objects in the naval service.
Hand me that donkey dick over there!
by Atomic Johnny March 30, 2005
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