The cherry of your cigarette being abnormally long as a result of taking too long of a drag.
You donkey dicked my cigarette, asshole!
by sonnytruelove October 12, 2008
A metal piece used to hold the frame of scaffolding together, often used in construction.
Looks like we won't be able to put the siding on the 6th floor today, we're out of donkey dicks
by stubbs1952 July 05, 2006
the oversized dick of a donkey
wow look at that extremely large donky dick hanging from the donky
by jurrt May 22, 2005
An Electrovoice RE20 dynamic microphone.
"Let's put a donkey dick on that kick drum."
by strangersdieeveryday February 22, 2009
A major disappointment, such as a bad ending to a movie or book.
"Man, that movie sucked Donkey Dick."

"The ending of the book sucked major Donkey Dick."
by E. D. December 28, 2005
A 16 oz. or 22 oz. beer can--referred to as this because it resembles the large cock of a donkey.
I love the feeling of having a huge donkey dick in my hand.
by PPabs September 21, 2003
a person who you know sucks cock but doesn't want to admitt it
"shut up you donkey dick"
by Sh3 Wh0 KnOwS All January 19, 2009

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