noun. A person who combines stupidity with a general air of arrogance, lack of propriety and a general low level of talent in anything they think they are good at.
"Sam, If you are going to cut and paste other peoples work onto your blog then everyone will know you are a donker."
by Uncle Chipsy March 25, 2008
A Donker is a meat donut

this is a donut made entirely out of meat

they were popularized in the book April Morning
Little Boy:Mom What did you make for breakfast?
Mom:I made donkers!
Dad:I made that last night(looks at mom)
by His Royal Dudeness February 04, 2007
A nice looking female rear end.
Man...she's got a donker.
by rkbocage October 10, 2003
music genre NRG and scouse have a beat which is constant called a donk people are addicted to this beat and therefore call themselves donkers
what music do you listen to? NRG and scouse! im a donker babyyyy!
by maz214 March 05, 2008
An animal or human exhibiting donkey-like qualities that include: a sturdy framed body, a large head, awkward/graceless movements, and the personality traits of innocence and loyalty, most likely due to having a low-functioning and/or small brain.
The character of Donk from the movie "Crocodile Dundee" was a real donker.

My bull terrier, Ike, is such a donker.
by bubu82 April 29, 2009
after receiving a really good blow job, grab the base of the penis and flap it so that the head of the penis hits her in the forehead.
After receiving some of the best oral sex in his life, Al gave his girlfriend a donker, just to say thank you.
by scheckeroo April 25, 2006
Pronunciation: DAWN-KERR
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural Donkers

The tissue projectile of the male species. Used for reproduction and in some small Oceania countries, it is used as a toothbrush.
Hello, woman, how would you feel about riding a unicycle and then you can all but karate chop my donker?
by B October 06, 2003
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