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1. (adj.) unintentional mispronunciation of the word "drunk" (when used as an adjective, inappropriate for usage as a verb), normally because the inebriated person is unable to correctly pronounce the appropriate word

2. (adj.) intentional mispronunciation of the word "drunk" when used as an adjective because the person saying it, usually a bum, thinks it is humorous
1. As I stumbled into the backseat, I reached for another Milwaukee's Best and said to Roof, "Shi-att, Bainz is so donk!"

2. When I walked through the Pender dancehall doors, Swain greeted me and said, "Man, Lode brought his bottle o' Old Man tonight; he's gonna be so donk."
by p'tainz January 23, 2013
127 57
ASs booty, Butt
Yo did u see the bedonke donk on that ho..?
by Keovani March 10, 2003
22 35
A Short,fat,wide person. Similar to a "Chode".
75 percent of the football team is made up of Donks.
by Jigabob12 July 23, 2008
4 19
Australian slang for a vehicle's engine.
"Nice Kingswood mate. What's the donk?"
"308 V8."
by Jenesis September 12, 2004
55 70
The huge guy from crocodile Dundee. Toothless, massive, childish, deep-voiced, Brutal.
Bush-guy: *holds up beer* Alright, mate?

Badguy: *surprised* Shouldn't you have a gun out here in the jungle?

Bush-guy: *Drinking beer* I dunneed a gun, mate, I got donk.

Badguy: A donk?

Bush-huy: Yeah, a donk!

Badguy: *thinking "what's a donk"?*

Donk: A DONKKKK!! *throws badguy in the air*
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 02, 2004
19 34
A Huge Aussie Bloke, that stands around a drinks beer all day, and acts as a body guard. It first appered in the Aussie Movie Crocodile Dundee
I'll put my donk on you
by Aussie Block April 02, 2004
31 46
a donkey that is crossbred with a duck

it makes a sound like a quacking ass
holy shit look at that flying donkey!!!
no thats not a flying donkey.......its a motherfucking DONK!!!!!!!!!!!
by donkbitchhoe January 31, 2009
6 22
1. (n) A really bad poker player. Someone who doesn't know how to play the game very well and therefore plays a lot of muck hands.

2. (v) To lose a hand of poker to someone who plays an awful hand but somehow gets really lucky and hits their cards.

3. (n) Someone who sucks at their trade.
1. That stupid donk just went all in with 2/7 off, I'm glad he was eliminated from the tournament.

2. I just got donked to hell when some idiot with Jack high bet into my trip Queens and ran a flush.

3. Reche Caldwell is a donk; he dropped two easy passes that cost the New England Patriots four points and, eventually, the AFC Championship Game.
by deweyd8855 December 15, 2007
17 33