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An piece of dried Sperm that hangs from a person's pubic hair.
After 2 days of not taking a shower she realized that there were a few dongleberries down below...You were a dongleberry that was reinserted during conception.
by imjester77 March 21, 2007
A slang term for testicles.
"I just got kicked in the dongle berries"
by Storm Crow Wraith February 17, 2009
A collection of Poop nuggets stuck to your pubes after performing anal sex. The poop nuggets are from the said anus suddenly discharging feces after the penis is withdrawn.
Dude that chick is known for giving out a mean dongleberry.
by Qball760 October 30, 2014
testicles, balls, or the two things that you have not have dropped yet
Your dongleberries are hanging to the floor.
by Rusty Wallace June 20, 2006