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The act of cleaning out your hair brush, forming the hair into a ball-like shape, then placing said hair on top of something to make it look like Donald Trump, preferably any stuffed creature that you have around the house.
Me: Why does that stuffed Hershey's kiss have a toupee??
GF: I Donald Trumped it last night after brushing my hair, no big deal.
by fat alexxxxxx March 06, 2014
Verb- Meaning to fire, or discharge from employment (In reference to the catch phrase "You're Fired" used by Donald Trump on the reality show The Apprentice.
She needs to be Donald Trumped
by MoNY1 April 20, 2007
The act of ejaculating on your partner's forehead, then moving their hair over the ejaculate to hold it in place therefore creating a Donald Trump-like comb-over, then yelling "You're Fired!"
My girlfriend hates it when I watch The Apprentice because she knows she will likely get Donald Trumped.
by Mo-the-ho-no-mo April 15, 2014