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A phrase of warning used to prevent oneself or others from asking or doing something that might provoke a negative response from someone or something else.
Employee 1: "Should I ask the boss for a day off?"
Employee 2: "He just found out his wife left him, so don't poke the bear."

by Ken Brenan 2 April 27, 2008
A phrase uttered to ward off people who are needlessly angering, upseting, or annoying you... sometimes even going out of the way to do so. A different way to warn people that they're on thin ice, or that a joke is going too far.
John, eating pancakes: Ughh, these are terrible...

Macy: I'm sorry I tried not to burn them this time...

John, laughing: The syrup isn't even seeping in!

Macy: Hey, you never cook so don't complain!

John, still giggling, takes another bite and makes a gagging sound

Macy: Hey, don't poke the bear!
by bahalaugh January 23, 2011
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