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When doing something so well or so fly your in danger of harming others.
John went 4 for 4 with two homeruns and two doubles. Don't hurt em.
#nasty #sick #icy #cold #fly
by automattic December 10, 2008
a compliment paid to a sexy female as she walks pass you. this phrase is not spewed at each and every sexy female, but only the ones who are sexy, dressed to death from head to toe, and throwin dat booty xtra hard cuz she know you lookin. 9 times outta ten she smilin from ear to ear after you say it, but you'll never know cuz her back is towards you. she smilin though, trust me. she don't just look good,she hurtin em.

you see her, she look good but you on the go and don't really have time tospit at her. next best thing: don't hurt em baby
as she passed by him he did'nt try to spit at her because she was waaay outta his league and he knew he'd get shot down. but she looked sooo good that he just had to say something. so he said "don't hurt em baby".
#ten cent #do it baby #cat call #damn #tttttt (hiss)
by LastLogo October 08, 2010
A warning/compliment issued to somebody that looks so good they risk injuring others just by being seen. It's unclear by what method this injury would occur, but presumably cardiac arrest or colloquial heartbreak. Also, may refer to the pain one feels in his/her gut upon seeing someone extremely attractive. May be described as a punch in the gut. Someone who is hurtin' em may elicit wistful sights of strangers as he/she walks by.
Anna: Did I show you this minnie-dress I just got? : Walks out :
Becky: :Jaw Drop: Damn, girl! Don't hurt 'em!
#dont hurt em #don't hurt em #dont hurt 'em #don't hurt them #dont hurt them #if looks could kill #looks that kill #killing them #killin' em #punch in the gut
by The Xander May 26, 2014
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