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A person that is too brutal for his own good. The occasional wookie growl is thrown in midst of both serious and casual conversations. Stereo-typically defined as a rat, someone who dresses inappropriately for any occasion what-so-ever. A person that has a never ending addiction for computers and computer games, skateboarding, hardcore and "leet" stuff. Trash punk hardcore is this persons genre choice of music. See also death metal, deathcore, brutalxcore, gorexcore. Consumes the three Ds for breakfast lunch and dinner which shall noted as Death, Doom and Darkness. Only thinks obscured thoughts and uses the words I love you way too much and too frequently. Enjoys calling other people. out in mosh pits to have so called dance offs. Has a mother that carries around a boombox, would stare anyone down like warden staring down his prisoners. A person who has no significant knowledge or capability to drive a motor vehicle. Benign tumors and white outs are a constant plague to a person labeled as such.
Erix: So what are your plans for this weekend? Spending your day at the domsters?
Sarah: Maybe I prefer not to though. He's always saying hes in love with me, and his mother just sits there on their couch staring at us all day. Sometimes I think about how wierd he can be but I do really like him a lot :)
by lrac yelhsa May 21, 2008
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