a creature featuring in a japanese short series. named after the first phrasse he heard on tv - yes it's true - "domo kunichiwa"(pardon the spelling!), Domo is a large brown furry creature with a twitchy attitude at best. his huge gaping maw provides many comedy moments througout the series, but the eyes - they're dead - like a doll's eyes... ^ ^
by ishikara July 20, 2003
Little square brown creature with a gaping toothy mouth, born in Japan. Big in Japan, too. For some reason used as a mascot (not, presumably, by the artists who made the domokun) against the perfectly natural, pleasant and healthy practice of masturbation. See also Religion.
Every time you send that fucking picture, God kills a domokun.
by Fearman November 28, 2007
he looks like burnt bread, yet he is teh pwnage. he says stuff like "RAOOOOOOOR!"
domokun is one awesome monster.
by teh t-k March 03, 2004
A creepy looking monster. Everytime you poonyetah, a Domo-kun eats a kitten (or Tony Danza).

Think about the kittens (and Tony Danza)

Stop wacking off.
by Bumblebee Tuna December 24, 2002

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