Badass X-Woman, usually working as a mercenary or outlaw "superhero," often alongside Cable. She has a milky-white complexion and a black, filled-in circle, tattooed around her eye; this was done while she was an infant. She has a "luck" power, and enhanced agility and strength. She can handle a gun, damned well.
"You know there’s a fine line between interrogation and torture. Don’t make me cross it."
by David February 10, 2004
Term to describe a promiscuous girl that is suspected of having an STD that would result in her having spots around her vag. This is in reference to the dominos pizza company slogan "the box with the dots".
Marty: "oh mate that girl at the bar looks tiiiight!"
Tom: "nah bro, she's dominos".
by RipDogz July 26, 2011
1.Place-Dominos is a pizza place named after the game Dominoes.
2.Game- Dominoes is a game containing block with dots on it
3.Name-Domino can be a boy or girl name yet it is not a very common name. The name means leader or master. This person is a very good friend and ou should be lucky to have them as a friend. This person has a really big heart and seems like an angel. But can also be a gamer and have a lot of friends. Can be short for Dominic or Dominique
Person:Domino is so awesome
Person 2: IKR
by Poop12jkO55thyee December 22, 2013
To knock down.
Check out how high out cheerleader pyramid is! But stay back, I don't want you to domino the whole thing.
by Dominooo87 July 10, 2008
water melon and parma ham to start, then 4 steaks from M&S and a peppercorn dressing along with some vegetables and oven chips, then for pudding a ginger and bourbon cream cake.
Person 1: I've got some friends coming over for dinner this evening.

Person 2: What are you going to make them?

Person 1: Probably dominoes
by Bangrappor May 23, 2011
a shit job only a pothead would want
domino's house of dumb fucks needs jobs too
by dbagman March 20, 2009
to have red spots on your vagina
thats the chic they call DOMINO
by klint28 February 16, 2008

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