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A country where rich American teenagers go to get drunk off their asses.
Teenager 1: 'Oh my God, I was soooo drunk over christmas break.'

Teenager 2: 'Where did you go?'

Teenager 1: 'The Dominican Republic.'

Teenager 2: 'Sounds about right.'
by dragonkeeper23 January 15, 2010
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To clear a couple of things off (& I quote)): "The first Caribbean country to gain its independence was Haiti in 1804, and it was followed by the Dominican Republic in 1844 and Cuba in 1902."
Go to this link and see for yourselves that us people from the Dominican Republic are not lying: http://tinyurl.com/yqcprl
by eulb January 21, 2007
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the best place in da world is rd
"hay tan to lo dominicano
como yo"
third largest sugar producer in the world
dominican republic
by dominicano24/7 May 13, 2009
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Contrary to popular belief, the Dominican Republic is not the first spanish speaking country to gain its independence. Mexico gained its independence in 1821 after an eleven year war.
MCSD has gone off the deep end, The Dominican Republic was not the first spanish speaking country to gain its independence.
by gabrielgs August 08, 2006
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- situated on the Caribbean Ocean, sharing an island with Haiti. - Drinking, smoking and stonin allowed since age 10. - No death sentence in jail and longest jail sentences are 30 years, which are often shortened to 5 - 10 years.- full of crooks and corrupt politicians.- 90% of population lives in extreme poverty and 10% live better than most of the richest people in the United States.- Either u see really fuked up cars or super expensive cars, no regular cars in this country.. no middle class cars.- Terrorists are afraid to come here, no Bin Landen here!- Extremely large population of PERVY freaks!!!!!!! that whistle when hot women pass by.- Young girls are raped when they leave their houses.- Partys include superb amounts of alcohol and sex, especially the Sweet Sixteens.- Policeman are thieves, and thieves are thieves.- We have no TAXIS just beat up cars that can barely run called "carros publicos" if u use one the chances are ull get mugged, and if ure really poor ull just get rapped.- if u're considerin comin to a public school u'll learn more by watchin tv.- if u're fortunate enough u can have electricty for 6 hours, because it goes off for 17 hours each day because the government is poor! - although the government is poor the president is one of the riches ppl in the Caribbean and has bank accounts in Switzerland & USA.- we used to have pretty beaches, but they're full of trash, cans, sewars, and dead ppl.- La Bolita is one of the most places in the DOMREP and i love it.- the militia is totally unnecessary, there are more generals than the USA who are benefittin from the bad management of the economy.- 85 % of the population is from African descent, and there is 15% that think that everyone on the island is white like them.- 80% of the ppl are iliterate, 10 % is retarded, and the other 10% who fukin cares.- only 15% of the ppl have flown in a plane.- people rarely take baths...in a shower. this is because there is no water or electricity and everyone goes to the rivers.. which are dirty.
The Dominican Republic is a very special place to drink and have fun and get mugged. haha
by Galaxia June 21, 2006
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A black version of Puerto Rico.
Juan's from Puerto RIco, Jamal's from the Dominican Republic.
by Smartguy585858 June 07, 2005
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